Central American Services

How we implemented the DuPont Legal model in Central America and what it means to you.



We understood that a major problem faced by most international companies, and outside counsel, is how best to navigate and obtain the legal protections afforded them throughout each of the separate Central American countries while containing costs. That is why we assumed a leadership role and  and created our Central American Services (CAS).

Because it is so time consuming and therefore expensive to establish and maintain relationships with five different law firms located and operating within a small geographic region, CAS  consolidates your efforts and offers you one point of contact for all of your legal needs in Guatemala, Honduras, El Savador, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. One law firm, one voice, one entire region.

CAS is not a referral network.  We personally handle your inter-country requests, from trademark registration to compliance with local tax laws helping you to keep your Central American legal opportunities and challenges manageable is our primary goal while delivering predictable, uncompromised value and ease of operations throughout Central America. 

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